W. Va. Master Gardener Program

WVMG Recognition Program

  • We want to recognize those Master Gardeners who have learned from their projects and want to share their stories.
  • We believe that there are no losers in the Master Gardener program, only winners.
  • We will recognize each group that meets the criteria and will share those projects.
  • Please take time to complete the applications and help other Master Gardeners learn and grow! There are now four ways that MG can be recognized for their volunteer service in WV.
  • Each county or multi-county program can select an Outstanding MG of the Year. This person will be recognized at the state level as the County Outstanding MG of the Year. The Extension Agent needs to send this name to Mira.Dinalovich@mail.wvu.edu
  • Any County Outstanding MG of the Year is eligible to be nominated by their Extension Agent for the West Virginia MG of the Year. WVU Extension chooses one each year. The criteria to be included in the nomination can be found on the awards website below.
  • There are eight categories to recognize Outstanding Volunteer Service Projects. This could be as an individual MG or as a group.
                                  Community Service     Demonstration Garden
                                  Horticulture Therapy     Innovative Projects
                                  Master Gardener Awareness     Workshop or Presentation
                                  Youth Programs     Other
  • Ten years of volunteer service will be recognized for those Master Gardeners that were certified in 2002 or 2003 and have stayed active with the program. County Coordinators must send names of Eligible Master Gardeners to Mira Dinalovich by January 15.

All the awards will be presented at the Master Gardener Conference.

W.Va. Master Gardener of the Year Award Application

W.Va. Master Gardener Volunteer Program Recognition Guidelines

Send completed applications by January 15 to:

Mira Dinalovich
Extension Specialist and Associate Professor
State Master Gardener Coordinator
2088 Agriculture and Science Building
P.O. Box 6108
Morgantown, WV 26506-6108