W. Va. Master Gardener Program

Service Activities

The impact of the Master Gardener program is appreciated statewide by community leaders and West Virginia University’s administration. For example, WVU President Hardesty and his wife invited master gardeners to the Blaney House to visit their garden and enjoy refreshments. Over 75 master gardeners from all over the state attended.

Currently, the WV Master Gardener Association in collaboration with WVU Extension Service has one statewide project—the demonstration garden at the State Fair Grounds in Fairlea, West Virginia. Members of the Greenbrier Master Gardener Association have assumed a leadership role in the development and maintenance of this garden. However, every August master gardeners from around the state travel to Fairlea to volunteer in the garden and provide on-site demonstrations during the West Virginia State Fair. In 2007, the West Virginia University Building was dedicated at the Fair Grounds. This building, adjacent to the gardens, provides a perfect site for exhibits, demonstrations and classes by WVU Extension Service faculty and volunteers.

Local, county and regional service projects and activities vary. For more information about your county’s projects, please visit the county websites page.